Thursday, January 29, 2009

Writing a GREAT speech - Public Speaking Rules!

Leaving a lasting impression with your audience through positive words, a winning attitude, and confidence starts with knowing what you're doing. Communication that reflects clarity of your main points and ideas, eye-contact, pronunciation, are all essential to your success. Your purpose isn't to be just "good," and you don't want to be just "better." What you want is to be GREAT!

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simonr said...

Good grief, that's awful!

I've no idea whether or not he's right about how to write a good presentation because his delivery was so poor. You'd have thought that a he could at least have memorised his opening couple of phrases and not spend so much time glancing at his notes!?

Frankly, I think that shows a weakness in the concept of "writing" a speech - rather than designing it and then presenting it (rather than delivering it).