Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fears and Phobias of Public Speaking - How to overcome them

How do you overcome the fear of public speaking? You start with learning the basic fundamentals of giving a GREAT speech. Learn the basics so you are prepared, in turn, building a foundation of confidence you need for public speaking. Before giving a speech, a little anxiety is normal; however, everyone is different and there is no one cure-all to conquer true fears and phobias. Get the fundamentals down and then discover what your true fear is.

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Eric said...

In my fiction book, my main character, Ian, one of Santa’s helpers, has to undergo some management training. Of course it includes public speaking which he dreads at first. But he soon realizes that all of his classmates suffer similar anxieties. They address their fears and conquer most of them in a planned, gradual way. Most of them learn to cope and Ian is one of them.

All the best!
Eric Dana Hansen
Author of "IAN, CEO, North Pole"