Monday, March 24, 2008

Talent Management Essential for Companies to Withstand an Unpredictable Economy

(CNN Money, 17 march 08)

Taleo Research Analysis Finds Continuous Talent Management Is a Critical Business Function for Companies in Any Economic Climate

Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the leading provider of on demand talent management solutions, today announced the availability of a Taleo Research whitepaper titled "Talent Management in a Down Economy." In the study, Taleo Research analyzes historical and current data to determine the impact of economic downturns on hiring and how the efficient acquisition and retention of top talent helps businesses thrive in slow economies.

Job creation continues even during challenging economic climates, according to Taleo Research analysis of hiring trends during the last economic slowdown. According to Bureau of Labor statistics, in Q1 2000, during the hiring peak of the last expansion, 8.8 million new jobs (or gross jobs) were created. In Q2 2001, as the dotcom bubble burst, 7.6 million new jobs were still created. Analysis shows that while net job creation can go to zero or negative in a down economy, the total of gross jobs created is still significant as the workforce shifts from sectors that are being hardest hit to areas that continue to show growth. This fuels the need for companies to utilize efficient talent management solutions and practices regardless of economic conditions.

In addition, analysis shows that voluntary turnover is not significantly lower during a recession. In 2007, voluntary turnover across all businesses in North America was reported at 23 percent. In 2001 and 2002 (during the last recession) it was at 22 percent. Regardless of the economic climate, more than one fifth of a company's workforce may still be leaving of their own volition. In order to mitigate financial drain from open positions or poor workforce productivity, companies need a strategic hiring process that captures the best talent quickly.

"Given our analysis that significant hiring still occurs even during the most challenging of times, running a business without a talent management system is an expensive and inefficient proposition no matter the economy," said Alice Snell, vice president of Taleo Research.

To view the complete white paper, "Talent Management in a Down Economy," visit the Taleo Website at:

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