Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great time for greatness


Let's dare to be great this year.
It is a choice, an intention. We can continue as we always have or we can take a transformative leap to be the best we can be.
We know we create our reality, so let's accept that responsibility and do something different before we take that long walk into forever.
We can live in such a way that when we do go, we will go laughing, and not with regret about the things we didn't do.
It's time to stake a claim, to lift our noses off the grindstone and our shoulder from the wheel. There is more to life than paying off the mortgage, the car and the plasma TV.
"Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be," said the German philosopher Goethe.
So let us create the expectations and the life we have always imagined.
"One of the most profound learnings in my life is this," Stephen Covey wrote in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. "If you want to achieve your highest aspirations and overcome your greatest challenges, identify and apply the principle or natural law that governs the results of what you seek."
How we see the world shapes who we become; we attract what we think about; what is constantly on our mind takes shape in our life.
It's hard to live a peaceful, serene life when we seethe with resentment and anger at how we think we have been treated, at our family, friends, co-workers and the person at the coffee shop.
The first step of the longest journey, the only important journey, of achieving those aspirations is to figure out what they are and then find the principle to turn them into reality.
Sometimes, the questions are as important as the answers. We need to ask ourselves what we believe, whether we're happy with where and who we are and if not, why we don't change.
We didn't suddenly become who we are; we spent a lifetime getting here. We're the way we are because of the choices we made yesterday, and the day before. But at any time, we can change those choices.
If knowledge is power, the converse must also be true - lack of knowledge is lack of power. We must find those old beliefs that cling to our subconscious like barnacles on an old ocean schooner, challenge our assumptions, let go of our perceived deficiencies, and our excuses for why we aren't what we secretly think we should be.
Intention is as important as what we want because without it, our dreams remain electrical blips in our brains. Then, we focus on our goals, not letting circumstance or comfort seduce us from the path. So write it down, make it real. This is what we want; this we will achieve; this is who we will become. See it. Believe it. Taste it. Live it.
Last words to Leonard Cohen, singer, poet, Zen man and wise man: "The years are flying past and we all waste so much time wondering if we dare to do this or that. The thing is to leap, to try, to take a chance."

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